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Rejuvenate your Skin & Boost Your Immune System

The Donut is our original humidifer, designed to bring all of the beneifts of a properly humidified environment wherever you go. Simply drop the Donut into any water container for instant humidity control. Try adding a couple drops of essental oils to the water for a boosted aromatherapy experience. Ideal for home, office, traveling, and commuting.

Youthful Glow | Vital Hydration | Healthy Hair

  • Keep Your Complexion Radiant - Dry air causes your skin to lose moisture resulting in a dull, flaky appearance. The Donut will restore your skin’s natural moisture levels and give you radiant, dewy skin.
  • Stop Breakouts - Use the Donut to keep your skin clear and free of breakouts. Dehydration causes your body to overcompensate for lack of moisture by producing excess oil, which can clog your pores and result in a greasy complexion.
  • Promote Anti-Aging - Research shows that a dry environment is linked to a decrease in skin elasticity which can lead to fine lines and wrinkles. The Donut will keep the air humidified wherever you go - Allowing your skin to stay hydrated and fight aging.
  • Boost Hair Growth - Dry air pulls moisture from your body resulting in dull, lackluster hair and a parched, itchy scalp. Restore the moisture in your scalp using the Donut for nourished, strong hair and promote hair growth.

Fend-Off Viruses | Manage Allergies | Silence Snoring

  • Prevent Illness - Environments with low humidity are a breeding ground for bacteria and airborne viruses. Proper humidity can reduce dispersion of germs by up to 85%. Fight off viruses and stay healthy by keeping your space hydrated with the Donut.
  • Reduce Allergy Symptoms - Drier conditions encourage allergic and asthmatic triggers including mold, mites, mildew and allergens to fester. Use the Donut to prevent the spread of allergens and minimize allergy symptoms.
  • Eliminate Snoring - The Donut will add moisture into the air, loosening up mucus and promoting drainage while you rest. These benefits can help reduce throat irritation and clear your airway, leading to a snore-free and restful night’s sleep.


Loved & Used Worldwide by Health and Beauty gurus. 

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